Expert Advice To Improve Your Life

Being able to enjoy what we do at work and at play, whilst keeping everyday stress and pressure at bay, is important if you want to achieve balance and success in your life. Here are some creative tips, enterprising ideas and interesting suggestions that will help motivate you into creating a more harmonious lifestyle.

Equine Guided Coaching

Our association with animals can provide far more than the natural therapeutic enjoyment that is already on offer. Horses, in particular, provide a purposeful exchange that may assist individuals in a number of ways. Equine Guided Coaching is an experiential exchange that allows exploration of non-directive opportunities to examine and …

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Exploring Mantra and Positive Affirmations

Hearing good things about yourself will make you feel good. Having compassion for yourself means you will want to seek personal empowerment. Using mantra and affirmations, to instill confidence and enhance self-esteem and self-belief, is an easy way of creating positive changes in your life. What Is Mantra? Mantra is …

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Exploring Self Healing Techniques

Self-healing is the term used to describe the use of natural abilities to help aid recovery from physical and/or emotional pain and trauma. The mind and body system is designed to heal itself and there are many self-healing techniques available to assist in the repair of the Self. It is …

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Exploring Self-Love

Loving yourself is the key to forming, and sustaining, better relationships, being your own best friend and accepting and understanding who you are and the value that you bring into the lives of others. Without exploration of self, in a deeper, sense, many people fail to find inner peace, harmony …

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Overcoming Social Phobia and Social Anxiety

Feeling anxious in social situations is something everyone experiences from time to time. A racing heart, nervous muscle spasms and/or sweaty palms can affect adults and children alike. Extreme shyness, self-consciousness and a growing fear of embarrassment all restrict personal action and expression, and social phobia therefore can have a …

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