The Coaching Needs of Men

The coaching needs of men are very different to the specific requirements of women. Many coaching professionals and therapists understand that the experiences men share unites them in requiring coaching support that helps, inspires and motivates the individual to create a more balanced life, both in a professional capacity and in the home environment.

A Supportive Service

Men do not generally ask for help and support in the same way as women. Where women appreciate a listening ear, a guiding hand and support in many areas of life, men tend to assume they can manage on their own. Coaching that is specifically for men is structured in a manner that provides important support and guidance but does not impact on masculinity in a negative way. Males tend to see the need for support as a sign of personal weakness and because of this coaching for men provides life assessment and goals that appeal without implying.

Decision Making

A powerful man makes considered decisions that create a positive impact on his life. When life experiences and challenges become negative men develop coping strategies that are sometimes useful ways of buying more time. A knowledgeable life coach can help encourage a male client to make better informed choices and decisions, by developing a deeper self-awareness and understanding of situations.

By inspiring a man to step back to review and reflect, before making tough decisions, a coach/therapist will empower his/her client to regain self-belief and confidence in ability.

Building Better Relationships

Unlike women, men tend to be a little unsure about how to resolve difficult conflict and negative communication. A common male trait is to ignore, evade or put off dealing with a situation that requires a lot of thinking and/or explaining. Building better relationships, from a male perspective, requires more input, clarity and understanding and coaching can provide effective support in creating more harmonious relationships, both at home and in the workplace.

Coping with Changes

Coaching highlights many changes that a client can implement in order to make positive improvements in life. Men will generally identify closely with the role they play in the professional work environment, and because of this having to deal with changes like redundancy or changes in the workplace, can create much stress and personal confusion.

Coaching can help and support by encouraging a man to redefine himself. This allows a male client to explore his core values and interests and to gain a better level of self-awareness and personal understanding. By redefining purpose and goals in this way male clients become more focused of forging plans and creating changes that are headed in a positive direction.

Future Planning

Both men and women can feel unfulfilled and uninspired. It is difficult to create a positive work/life balance when you have to juggle work pressure, stress, financial concerns and all the other worries that impact on an individual’s life. As primary breadwinners men have mostly felt expected to provide the necessary income to support a family and/or certain lifestyle and this pressure can have a huge negative impact on the maintenance of work/life balance.

The coaching process allows men the required space to explore what changes need to be made, and provides support and structuring so that progressive goals can be identified. Offering support in this manner enables a coach to help male clients gain understanding of the importance of living a more balanced life.

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