Is Spiritual Coaching for You?

With the increase in holistic awareness and mind, body and spirit development spiritual coaching is becoming a popular form of creating positive improvements in the way we live our lives. Spiritual Coaching is a holistic method of seeking answers from within so that you can change and create a more harmonious outer life.

What Is Spiritual Coaching?

The acceptance of external coaching support can be received on many different levels. It can provide focused awareness, a sharpening of personal attributes and skills and a better understanding of what individuals want from life. Unlike specialised forms of coaching, that perhaps concentrate on achieving career goals or harmonising relationships, Spiritual Coaching encourages you to explore the Self. In so doing you are better equipped to remove negative thinking and blocks, and to build and create an inspired life, because your level of personal understanding becomes far greater.

Spirituality In Coaching

In essence spirituality is about understanding how thoughts and actions impact on far more than on self and an individual’s life. The impact on all things is taken into consideration within a spiritual belief system. This means that within the coaching process spirituality can be explored in order to achieve a greater self-awareness and understanding of others and the world around us.

What Spiritual Coaching Is Not:

Spiritual Coaching is not a religious practice. Therefore whatever religious, or spiritual beliefs, you may hold will be honoured and accepted. By the same token spirituality must not be thought of simply in terms of New Age experiences and beliefs. Spiritual Coaching is a practical application of ideas and support that aims to address issues holistically.

This form of coaching however, is not suitable for individuals who may require psychiatric or psychological support, as it is not a counselling alternative.

What To Expect

A Coach or facilitator will be available to provide support and assistance throughout your coaching process. They will offer inspiration, motivation and tools and resources that will help you examine and define how you want to live your life. You will also be encouraged to express yourself freely and openly so that you become accustomed to living in authenticity.

Different Types Of Spiritual Guidance

Affirmations Coaching – Using a structured programme of confidence building affirmations a coach will inspire an individual to look at life from a different perspective, whilst reprogramming the subconscious mind and removing negative thought patterns.

Creative Coaching – This form of spiritual coaching aims to inspire self-expression in a visually creative manner so that a better understanding of self is achieved and accepted. Creative Coaching can also be beneficial in the increase of energy, confidence, knowledge and artistic ability.

Workshops – There is a huge variety of spiritually influenced workshops available for individuals wishing to explore spirituality, life purpose, healing and self betterment. These types of workshops and events will be focused on understanding your inner journey and inspiring you to aspire to become your authentic self. As with all forms of spiritual coaching focus will be on dealing with emotions and feelings.

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