Equine Guided Coaching

Our association with animals can provide far more than the natural therapeutic enjoyment that is already on offer. Horses, in particular, provide a purposeful exchange that may assist individuals in a number of ways. Equine Guided Coaching is an experiential exchange that allows exploration of non-directive opportunities to examine and reflect real life situations and problems.

The Importance Of Horse Play

Custom-designed equine learning experiences provide a powerful self-development programme for individuals and/or groups. Each event or session is designed to enhance personal development and exploration of core values and personal vision. No riding experience is required as simply being in the company of horses can provide a unique deeply reflective opportunity to explore self-growth.

Within a team environment horse play can encourage a reawakening of energy and enthusiasm, better self-understanding, self-mastery and an increase in the group’s effectiveness. This impacts on the way relationships are built and sustained and helps in the achievement of improved business results. Working with horses provides management training teams with a creative way of reducing personal stress levels whilst increasing, and improving, communication and creativity.

What To Expect

Equine guided coaching sessions are available as private one-off learning programmes, two person classes or team events. Private programmes, demonstrations and retreat events can also be arranged. Individuals are paired off with a horse and work through a series of exercises that include guiding the horse through obstacles, working blindfold through touch and establishing trust and respect. The horses are chosen for their excellent temperament and are sometimes retired thoroughbred racehorse geldings.

The session is filmed so that the Equine Coach is able to work through the learning programme by offering analysis. Individuals are then able to explore the learning programme further by generating their own ideas for personal development and growth. This process encourages creative thinking, resourcefulness and better communication.

The Benefits Of Coaching With Horses

Working alongside horses provides many opportunities to build and strengthen character and personal qualities. Communication, problem-solving, team-building and leaderships skills can all be improved and enhanced. Equine-guided coaching sessions also enable individuals to become more self-aware, confident and organised, and encourages the strengthening of boundaries and creativity.

Horses are non-judgmental so provide a learning experience that is focused on honest, immediate response and clarity of intention. As they require non-verbal communication working with horses offers an opportunity to establish giving clear messages. As you earn your authority, through showing trust and respect, a horse empowers you to direct your focus towards co-operation and communication.

Equine guided coaching sessions are ideal for leadership development, team management building and the strengthening of an individual’s confidence, creativity, communication and self-awareness.

Other Beneficial Programmes

Equine assisted programmes also provide a successful method of support to individuals experiencing mental health or addiction issues. Workshops and clinics are run, with input from qualified therapists supporting the individual, so that the process enhances support. Passive exercises and relaxation techniques are included in the equine-guided sessions. This experiential learning offers an opportunity for the individual to become more self-aware of emotions and feelings.

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