Exploring Self Healing Techniques

Self-healing is the term used to describe the use of natural abilities to help aid recovery from physical and/or emotional pain and trauma. The mind and body system is designed to heal itself and there are many self-healing techniques available to assist in the repair of the Self. It is worth noting that self-healing is generally directed by instinct, so becoming more self-aware will encourage healing progress.


Massage is a relaxing and/or invigorating technique that requires no tools other that your hands. A simple treatment begins by gently stroking the skin and progresses to the rubbing of the muscles. Neck and shoulder tension can be successfully eased by applying gentle pressure, as you move the pads of your fingers in circular motion over the area. Gentle squeezing and kneading is also beneficial. This simple technique works best if you allow 20 minutes for the massage.

Self-massage not only helps improve blood circulation and muscle tension and weakness, but also aids fatigue, insomnia and skin problems.


As little as five minutes of quiet contemplation can create a huge positive change in the manner in which you focus your thoughts and feelings, and the way in which these impact on your life. Meditation stills the mind, creates energy and focuses intention. Begin by closing your eyes and grounding – visualising roots coming out from the soles of your feet and attaching you to the earth’s core – and ensure that you are seated comfortably. Affirm that you would like to ground all excess energy as you sit in inner reflection. For best benefits repeat this exercise twice a day if possible. Over time you may wish to increase the duration of the meditation exercise.

Chakra meditation – that encourages the flow of energy by opening the energy centres in the body – is also a widely-used, beneficial self-healing technique.

Chinese Self-Healing

Although viewed as a style of martial arts, T’ai Chi – there are five different versions – is a relaxed, slowly moving sequence of steps and movements that help create positive flow of energy, thus increasing inner strength and reducing illness. Because of the gentle nature of the flowing movements and exercises this martial arts technique is suitable for all age groups.

Hand Reflexology

Pinching and pressing key pressure points on the hands provides a relaxing and energising reflexology treatment that benefits the mind and body. Press the tips of each finger and thumbs and then reverse hands and repeat. Progress to pinching the sides of the fingers and work downwards to the palm of the hand. Rubbing from the base of the finger, and working towards the tip, and gently tugging on each finger, also releases tension.

Illness Prevention

Severe illness is the result of damage that has been caused to the body over a prolonged period of time. This can be through neglect of our diet and the indulgence of a sedentary lifestyle. Mental health too can be negatively affected by a poor understanding of life circumstance. When we receive pain and suffering it is the body’s way of alerting us that change is required. Understanding, and accepting, that change must be implemented begins the healing process.

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