What is Style Coaching?

Style Coaching is a combination of personal styling advice, image consultancy tips and life coaching motivational techniques rolled into one. By approaching the coaching process from the appearance perspective women, and men, may benefit from gaining a better personal understanding of self and their goals and desires.

What is a Style Coach?

A style coach is a professional who focuses on helping clients achieve a personally polished look on the outside, and confidence to match on the inside. This coaching professional may work with corporate clients who require a sharp, smart edge for business or individuals wishing to make distinct changes in the way they look and live their life.

What a Style Coach Offers

Styling coaching provides a form of personal empowerment that helps individuals understand the attitudes that previously held them back, how to become more confident and the steps required to put all new knowledge together as a finished package. A personal style coach can help clients identify limiting beliefs and transform the way in which certain aspects of thinking have influenced behaviour and restrictive patterns of thought and belief. From this perspective an action plan can be created that encourages the client to explore themselves in a creative and inspiring way.

Self Image

The image we portray physically sometimes contradicts the emotions, thoughts and beliefs we carry inside that influences personal behaviour and attitude. Raising awareness of the way in which we allow these negative thoughts to impact on confidence, beliefs and boundaries will enable a greater understanding of personal empowerment to become evident. A greater awareness of the way in which personal presentation, appearance and self-image all link, to create a perception of Self, also provides a positive and dramatic change in the way in which confidence and self-esteem are boosted.

Initial Consultation

A style coach will offer an initial consultation so that you, as a potential client, are able to understand the service that is on offer and how it fits your coaching requirements. The initial consultation is also an opportunity to open your mind towards exploring personal style and the restrictions you may have that limit choices or provide style structure.

A style expert, or coach, is able to provide guidance and ideas that can be formed into an action plan. Style and appearance are a form of personal expression that is unique to every individual and feeling comfortable about making changes sometimes requires encouragement and understanding. A style coach will therefore offer styling techniques, tips and tools to create the image that is most appropriate for your personal needs, desire, budget and schedule.

Specialist Style Coaching

Style coaches work in many fields of personal development and self-exploration and can provide direction, help and focus that creates a permanent change in an individual’s life or is structured around a specific event or occasion. A style coach may offer style packages that include defining personal style, being a smart shopper and/or a complete head-to-toe service. One-off event style coaching, for weddings and other important occasions is also available.

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