What is Cosmic Coaching & How Does it Work?

Cosmic coaching is a form of personal development whereby you take on a life coach whose aim it is to enable you to discover your ‘real self’ and true purpose in life. It differs from usual coaching in that it places emphasis on astrology and of the timing and cosmic patterns of the planets and stars to determine your best path in life.

More importantly, your cosmic life coach will be able to tell you how to incorporate timing into your important decision making in the hope that you’re able to reap the benefits of making important decisions when the time is right in accordance with astrological patterns.

What Type Of Issues Does Cosmic Coaching Deal With?

The type of things you’ll get out of cosmic coaching very much depends upon the areas of your personal development which you feel you need help or guidance with so a cosmic life coach will be able tailor this to suit your own individual needs. Typical issues will cover things like looking at what your true values are and discovering your real purpose in life.

It can help you with things like personal relationships and working out if a person in your life is ‘right’ for you or whether they are having a negative impact on your life. It can focus on your job or career and can help with things like timing a career move or assessing whether or not your current role is right for you. In your personal life, it may also encompass looking at where you live and if it might be the right time to move.

What Does a Cosmic Coaching Session Involve?

Cosmic coaching can be as intensive as you want it to be. Some people just choose to make a visit with a life coach once every year or so to look at their charts for the next year, whilst for others it’s an ongoing process which may be for a period of between a few months up to a year or even beyond. However long your program is, your life coach will be there to help you lay the foundations for creating whatever it is you’re looking to achieve be that a new career, obtaining financial freedom, improved relationships etc.

You’ll be encouraged to challenge specific patterns of behaviour you may have displayed in the past and you may even question and revise your belief systems gained through new knowledge and wisdom. Ultimately, the aim of your coach is to make you feel in control of your life and to feel empowered and inspired to make any necessary fundamental changes to your life where things haven’t been working so well.

Personal Visions & Mission Statements

Like any personal development program, change isn’t going to happen overnight but your coach will encourage you to visualise where you see yourself in the future. This might be a few months to a year or even longer down the track. You’ll also usually be asked to devise a mission statement which states what you hope to achieve out of the experience and what you hope to become as a person.

In looking at where you are now and what you believe you stand for in the present, it can help people who aren’t entirely satisfied with their lives to come up with a plan of action to get to where they want to be and to achieve the things they want to achieve and your life coach will then be able to draw upon all of that information and match that against your astrological profile and the movement of the planets and stars in order to prepare you for the right time to make any important decisions about your future.

And, whilst not being for everybody, many people have drawn strength and regained a sense of control over their lives through cosmic coaching.

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