Vitality Coaching for Better Health

Maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle requires having understanding, acceptance and motivation to make the necessary changes in nutrition, exercise and general work/life balance. Vitality Coaching provides help, support and guidance to individuals who wish to create positive changes in order to live a fulfilled life.

What is a Vitality Coach?

A vitality coach is a professional who has trained and worked in health/nutrition and fitness environments and now supports individuals, groups and teams by providing one-to-one guidance sessions, seminars and workshops. A vitality coach understands the restrictions of lifestyle and how these can negatively impact on an individual’s health and wellbeing. Vitality coaching consultations are therefore tailored to include personal review of diet, exercise and the practical aspects of making the necessary changes.

The Benefits of Vitality Coaching

Anyone striving to improve the quality of life, by reducing stress and tension and increasing fitness and positive wellbeing can benefit from the support provided by vitality coaching. This focused type of coaching requires a strong level of commitment to the lifestyle coaching process and a willingness to make the necessary choices, and changes, in nutrition, fitness and work/life balance that may be required.

Vitality coaching provides your mental and physical self with a challenge. A vitality coach will support and guide individuals wanting to make dramatic lifestyle improvements, professionals wishing to increase energy levels, so that career performance is improved, and anyone wanting to focus on positive wellbeing.

Vitality Assessment

In order to define the type of vitality coaching most appropriate to your personal needs a vitality coach will perform a vitality assessment. This assessment evaluates physical and personal fitness, current nutritional issues and other aspects that may negatively impact on wellbeing and vitality. The assessment provides the client with a better understanding of their physical health and defines potential wellbeing goals.

Following a vitality assessment check a vitality coach will be able to create a personalised plan that supports realistic goals and the implementation of simple, positive lifestyle changes.

Types of Consultation and Service

A qualified vitality coach provides lifestyle support on many levels and therefore offers a variety of consultation services and support. These may include a Lifestyle Larder Cleanse – where the contents of your fridge and food cupboard are examined and redefined – a Lifestyle Shopper service that provides nutritional guidance to help your food shopping experiences and a practical Lifestyle Physical, which offers a personalised exercise programme.

Recommended Exercise

Besides addressing negative eating habits and exploring lifestyle patterns that attract stress and restriction vitality coaching also provides an opportunity to direct focus towards personal fitness and exercise. Improving general fitness, and combining this progress with a fresh nutritional approach, naturally enhances vitality and wellbeing. Recommended exercise could include sports that promote aerobic and endurance fitness and training that focuses on cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.

Alternative Vitality Coaching

There are many resources available that offer instant access to vitality coaching for anyone wishing to make lifestyle improvements. Online services and iPhone applications offer vitality coaching programmes and tips that can be downloaded and accessed at your personal convenience.

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