Using Spiritualism for Personal Growth

Personal development is the huge umbrella that covers such disciplines as Life Coaching, Personal Fitness Training, NLP and many other person-centred options.

It also, however, expands into the realm of spiritualism. Your emotional wellness requires nurturing, both in a physical and a mental sense, and understanding there are many spiritual avenues available for you to explore can enable you to experience personal growth in an inspiring and satisfying way.

What Is Spiritual Growth?

Spiritual growth encourages individuals to explore self-awareness and to become more in tune with the body, mind and spirit. By becoming more aware of ourselves we become more open to accepting other perspectives and begin to realise how powerful we are as individuals. Spiritual personal development also enables us to develop a greater sense of self-worth, confidence and the inner guidance that we know as intuition.

Spiritualism provides a holistic approach – that looks at, and treats, the body as a whole – which many people find comforting. Offering an opportunity to improve wellness through the subtle exploration of an individual’s personal beliefs provides a unique way of increasing self-awareness and potential.

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritualism offers the opportunity to explore your emotions and feelings in a soul centred way. Spiritual Coaching therefore provides a tailored way of removing negativity and opening up to creating spiritual balance in your life. Rather like Life Coaching it allows the individual to identify life goals and aims.

The difference however is that Spiritual Coaching will incorporate many different elements, in order to encourage the individual to achieve life balance. Some practitioners may offer Spirit Communication, Tarot Card Reading, Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing as part of the coaching package.

Spiritual Counselling

This form of counselling helps an individual become more fully aware of their own spiritual nature and awareness. Unlike conventional counselling, that explores issues like relationships, self-esteem, self-image and behaviour patterns, Spiritual Counselling predominately looks at compassion, faith and spiritual experiences and may focus on understanding spiritualism through spiritual growth and practice.

Spiritual Counselling offers a broad range of the topics that are open for exploration. These may include techniques for opening the heart to healing, the humanistic approach to psychology and mindfulness through meditation.

Spiritual Healing

Offered through physical contact or by distance, Spiritual Healing is channeled through a healer. This Universal Healing Energy – Reiki – can be used to effectively remove emotional blockages in the body, can shift energy patterns and balance and restore equilibrium. It can also be used to heal physical problems by targeting the specific area and promoting recovery. Often Healers may also use a combination of prayer, meditation, visualisation and Chakra balancing. Reiki can also be used to channel energy healing to animals.

The Spiritual Way

There is a Spiritual Path for every single one of us to follow and explore if we so wish. Some people may explore it through religion and prayer, whilst others seek a more psychic attunement. Developing self-awareness, the understanding of others and personal growth through spirituality however, offers a uniquely personal experience.

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