Past Life Regression: Does Your Past Hold You Back?

Many of us experience déjà vu or memory recall but are unable to figure out where that knowledge or experience comes from. Many individuals also experience emotional difficulties that appear to block progress and create an avalanche of issues to resolve. These challenging episodes can almost always be traced back to a previous lifetime or incarnation, but whether you choose to accept this as fact and wish to explore and examine further is very much a personal choice.

What Is Past Life Regression?

In order to gain insight, understanding and acceptance of emotional issues that thwart progress or increase limiting beliefs it may be necessary to take a look at past life times. Past Life Regression is simply a relaxed state of mind and body that enables an individual to trace back over, a previous, or many lifetimes. This state of hypnosis allows a therapist, or facilitator, to gently aid you in the exploration of your past personal history. By doing so many answers to difficult emotional questions can be found and greater clarity, in the present day, may also be achieved.


Whether or not you choose to believe in reincarnation is a personal choice. Accepting that there may be more to life than simply what you understand it to be, however, will open up ways of exploring your identity so that you are better able to live your life as you dream it to be. By accepting that you have lived many lifetimes you are therefore more open to understanding matters that you may be experiencing in this life time.

Past Life Regression will therefore provide insight and visualisations of experiences that you have previously lived through. This will enable you to understand why you are experiencing present day difficulties and how you can work through these and learn an important life lesson.

What Happens During Past Life Regression?

The hypnosis, or guided visualisation, you will experience through the help of a hypnotherapist will relax your mind and body so that your subconscious mind is guided back into the past. This is very much like memory recall, as all your previous lifetimes are memories that your soul has experienced.

In a deeply relaxed state your mind will be able to access information in the form of images and a sense of knowing, and the hypnotherapist or facilitator, will be able to guide you through the experience so that you achieve greater understanding and awareness of your current issues or self-limiting beliefs.

The Benefits of Regression

Having an understanding of self on many levels can only benefit your present day life. Regression therefore is an excellent tool for achieving a greater awareness of self, overcoming fears and phobias, finding guidance on your life path and finding your life purpose and also for discovering hidden talents. Regression can also help with acceptance of the people you share your life with, as in family, and aid with the relief of unexplained chronic pain.

By exploring past life experiences you will be opening your awareness to the lessons we have all been given to learn through life, and this in turn will make the present day life easier for you to understand and work through.

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