Alternative Methods of Empowerment

Empowerment can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. If you prefer to sit on the sidelines and expect things to happen to you it may be a while before you realise that personal empowerment is an individual’s responsibility. If however, you are willing to empower yourself you will be rewarded for taking action.

Empowering Self Talk

The way you speak to yourself, whether verbally or mentally, has a huge effect on how you respond. Doubting your capabilities and berating yourself disempowers you and creates a downward spiral of negativity. Positive talk, on the other hand, boosts confidence and increases inner strength and self-respect. Learning to love the person you are, no matter how many times you think you mess up, we enable you to accept yourself as a deserving, worthy person. This confident and inspired person will then start to attract more of the same attitude from others.

Empowering Meditation

Something as simple as a thought that expresses concern that meditation is difficult can be all it takes to make the deep relaxation exercise less empowering than it could be. In order to feel empowered from the meditation experience it is important to practice positive thinking and speaking. This will help you remove any contradiction you may have that blocks the relaxation process. The key to this is not dwelling on any negative thoughts in regards to empowerment or meditation and to simply enjoy the experience by believing in the importance of the time and space you create for yourself.

Subliminal Messaging

You can change the way you think, in regards to maintaining a positive outlook, by switching on to subliminal messaging. A personal selection of positive and inspiring messages and affirmations can influence your thought patterns without you having to make the effort to constructively change your beliefs. Subliminal messages can be flashed directly onto your computer screen throughout the day, so that your mind absorbs the unobtrusive affirmations whilst you go about your daily business.

Lucid Dreaming

Making the most of every moment of the day will reward you with positive changes in your thinking and emotions. This includes making use of the time you are asleep, as well as the duration of your time spent working and playing. Lucid Dreaming, which is also sometimes referred to as Astral Travel or Astral Projection, can provide you with many powerful avenues of empowerment and personal development to explore.

Instead of wasting eight hours of your day you can open your mind to expanding knowledge and insight whilst your body is in a sleep state. This empowerment can help you discover new skills, overcome fears and phobias and become far more self-aware.

The Mindstream Or Manifesting Method

Every waking thought you have impacts on all areas of your life, whether it is a negative or positive suggestion. Everything that manifests, as a physical reality, is always created on a conscious level of thought beforehand. By accepting that all thinking relates to living life you will become better informed about the importance of positive thought and its effectiveness in transforming your business, health, relationships and finances.

Choosing and using new positive and empowering belief systems will help you live in the moment, deal with restrictive thinking and expand self-communication and awareness.

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