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Future Life Progression: How You Can See Into Your Future

By: Anna Martin - Updated: 20 Mar 2021 | comments*Discuss
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There are many forms of tapping into the potential of the future. Meditation, for instance, enables you to relax your mind, and body, so that you are able to expand consciousness and explore thoughts and possibilities. Future Life Progression, however, allows you to glimpse beyond the realm of your own imagination.

What Is Future Life Progression?

Future Life Progression – or FLP for short – is a waking dream therapy. It is a form of hypnosis that relaxes you into a deep, yet alert state, that also opens your mind to the potential you have at your fingertips. Unlike Past Life Regression, that concentrates on your personal history and how certain events in your life, or past lives, have shaped your beliefs and circumstances in the present day, Future Life Progression takes you forward in time to a place where you can explore the possibilities that extend from your own creation and the paths you choose to examine.

FLP can also take you on a journey into next life or future lives, and doing so can provide you with a wealth of insight and knowledge.

What Can Future Life Progression Do For You?

If you feel your life is stuck on hold or you have tried, and failed, to remove personal blocks and obstacles Future Life Progression can provide you with the tools to make renewed progress. You may have already cleared blocks and now need clarity to build confidence and move forward in the direction that most appeals to you. In this case FLP can help you make better informed choices and help you explore alternatives.

Future Life Progression will also allow you to see how your future could pan out. You may be able to experience how your life is, given the choices you opt to make, as well as the people you share your life with and the location that it all takes place in.

What Happens During A Session?

During a session, that is rather like hypnotherapy, the practitioner, or facilitator, will talk you through relaxation steps that allow your body to become naturally deeply relaxed. You will have discussed, beforehand, the areas that you are most interested in exploring and examining and will therefore be lead in that direction.

The information that you will receive, during the meditative state, will however, be the most relevant information for you to gain knowledge from in the present time. This means that although you may feel you want to focus solely on career prospects your unconscious mind may feel that it is more important for you to examine another area or issue of your life that is preventing you from living your true potential.

What Happens After A Session?

Having explored the possibilities of your future life you will return to normal, waking consciousness feeling more relaxed, confident and keen to start implementing the changes you saw clearly in your mind during meditation. These images will be vivid enough for you to interpret them as a memory, because you will have explored happenings that feel true to life, rather like in a dreaming state.

This experience will bring with it new insight and personal knowledge that you can tap into during moments of stress or anxiety. This will encourage you to continually make progress towards the path that leads you to the future you have seen and experienced during Future Life Progression.

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Hey Andre, In 2020, we got a global pandemic. It was/is strange.
2020 - 20-Mar-21 @ 3:50 PM
A few years ago, I had a hypnosis session that you could call FLP. What it was basically, was a visualization exercise which allowed me to see where I’d like to be in the upcoming years, free of the doubts presented by the conscious mind. It was very powerful, as the images& impressions I “witnessed” mostly all came true, in one way or the other. I’m excited to conduct another session to see what I’d like to doing in the next few years.
MJ - 22-Feb-19 @ 9:08 AM
i have tried thisseveral times and I have tried several methos of FLP , but how do you imagine or see something that you haven't seen o experienced in your life.. if someone say imagine another world, I will get an imagination what I have heard, red and seen through my life about another world.. basically I'm getting an imagination of someone else because I haven't seen another world in my life.. so my question is how do you imagine things that you never know whether theyesist
Wolf jack - 8-Aug-18 @ 8:13 AM
I'm pretty sure I have had kind of visions about events in the future - but without trying any technique-just intuition - my intuition tells me that it is possible - you just have to get in the right mood or trance or howevery you call it... but I know it is extremely difficult as the future is sensitive - if you ask me now: How looks the world in 2020? Just by writing something, the future will be changed...anything that happens in the present changes the future...In my opinion, looking in the future is only possibly by not communication with others about it - it is so complex...
Cosmos - 17-Oct-16 @ 9:40 PM
Hi i would like to know more about future life progression and past life progression i think i need that asap and how do they work. Does the medical aid pays for it and is it available in pretoria area
jacque - 7-Mar-16 @ 8:23 PM
Hi can i continue dating the boyfriend i have
maggie - 2-Mar-16 @ 6:56 AM
Hi can i move on with my relationship
maggie - 2-Mar-16 @ 6:53 AM
@Ana. The site is simply for reference. It's written by therapists and life coaches to give advice for anyone wanting to improve their lives. We don't offer individual services etc.
LifeCoachExpert - 13-Apr-15 @ 10:18 AM
Hi, I have just found your site and I found it amazing. However, I have a few questions: how does it work? Do you have your own team of coaches/ therapists? How do people get an appointment? Do you take on more therapists? If so, how does the process work? Do you work in any specific country? Thanks,
Ana - 9-Apr-15 @ 1:44 PM
I was just wondering if any ppl have had future visions under future progression about the year 2020 and any strange events in the sky or space. Regards, Andre
Neil - 11-Jan-15 @ 3:07 AM
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