Recognising Potential Stumbling Blocks and Overcoming Them

We all have problems in life. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to do with them. But we can’t let the problem stop us from living. We need to keep going and see if there are any solutions for our problems. If we give up, then we won’t live a good life or be happy because of the problem. But if we work hard and try to fix our problem, then maybe things will get better for us!

We all encounter problems at one time or another. It’s a natural part of life. Without stumbling blocks hurdles and obstacles to overcome from time to time, life would get pretty boring and we’d all have bland personalities with little character. Our sense of success and achievement only comes about through our ability to recognise the struggle it took to get there and it’s all about recognising potential obstacles in life and meeting the challenges posed by them head on that separates those who are successful and have happy lives and others who shy away from difficulties, see themselves as a victim and fail to achieve much in life.

Recognising Potential Stumbling Blocks

Occasionally in life, we encounter difficulties at extremely short notice which doesn’t give us any time to prepare for them and it’s during those periods where our strength of character is often put to the test but in general, we’re often able to sense hurdles and obstacles ahead of time and plan a strategy for dealing with them.

Thinking about the things which make us stronger in life enables us to recognise events where we may be faced with a challenge to overcome. For example, when we face danger, we learn courage, when we endure suffering we learn patience, when illness hits us, it teaches us how to value our health. Basically, without hurdles and obstacles to overcome, we can not possibly ever become a strong person. How can we know happiness if we don’t experience sadness? How do we taste the sweetness in life without ever having tasted the bitter?

Too many people just hope and pray for an easy life. However, the reality is they are asking for something which is unattainable. What people should be asking for is the strength of character to be able to deal with all of life’s adversities instead.

Overcoming Hurdles and Obstacles

Although each and every one of us will experience different hurdles and obstacles in life unique to our own existence, they will often be rooted in similar causes. Take fear for example, this is a natural human reaction to danger but fear can also be used as an excuse to avoid the resolution of a particular issue. Whilst this state of inertia may keep us safe for a while, it will also prevent us from taking risks in life which are necessary if we want to overcome a particular problem which results in increased self-confidence at the same time.

Sometimes our lack of knowledge, focus and clarity can also confuse us into making a mountain out of a mole hill and can lead us into a virtual state of paralysis whereby we end up like a scared rabbit trapped in the headlights unable to see a way of escape.

However, if you think of an obstacle as something you need to get around or over to progress, it can fuel your determination. Obstacles can force us to go above and beyond our own sense of our capabilities and to exceed even our wildest expectations. The result being that we become stronger people and learn to amass a set of coping tools that will help us when we’re faced with even greater challenges in later life.

Gaining clarity on an obstacle is crucial in order for us to rationalise it. At the first sense of some kind of problem about to emerge, some people will completely overcook it and build it up into being some kind of insurmountable, Everest-type hurdle that’s going to be impossible to get over. However, by writing down and/or speaking to others about potential hurdles, you often find that they’re not as big as you first perceived and by breaking the obstacle down into smaller chunks, the steps you need to take to overcome them also seem a lot smaller and more manageable too. As you start to formulate some kind of strategy, this process will be retained by you and you’ll be able to use it and modify it again and again when you’re faced with other challenges later on.

You also need to set aside enough time to focus on any particular stumbling block. Don’t procrastinate and put off tackling difficulties and think, “Oh, I’d rather do something more enjoyable today and come back to this later”. In adopting such an approach, the obstacle or problem can often become bigger and can take you longer to resolve in the long term so it’s always best to tackle it head on sooner rather than later.

Think about your fears and worries in general and then tackle them head on. By confronting perceived weaknesses and devising coping mechanisms and strategies to overcome them, this will make you stronger as a person and will equip you with all the tools necessary to overcome problems you encounter later on.


Sometimes we’re faced with the same obstacle more than once or one which is very similar to one we have struggled with in the past. When this occurs, it’s important that you’re ready for it second time around and meet it head on. Never let yourself think that because you’ve failed once, you’re bound to fail again. This time around the circumstances are likely to be different and you will also have grown in character through lessons you have learned since the last time. Remember, there are many examples of famous people e.g. businessmen and women, sports stars and others from the world of entertainment that have experienced huge failures and disappointments in the past yet have gone on to be highly successful people.

Finally, overcoming a stumbling block isn’t always about an outright ‘win’. Sometimes you may still get over an obstacle yet might still feel a bit bumped and bruised along the way. The important thing is that you have still overcome it and the lessons you have learned in doing so will help you to refine your technique and do it even better next time around, if you’re faced with a similar proposition to overcome.

How can we turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones?

Reassess – There are many ways to look at any given situation. By reframing how you frame a difficult obstacle, you have a better chance of success because there is more room for ingenuity and creativity. Reach out – It is important that we help each other move forward by sharing ideas and sympathies when needed.

There are many things that can make life hard, but if we know what to do, we can be strong.


Recognising and overcoming potential stumbling blocks can help us be more successful in our lives. Often it starts with identifying the issue, then breaking the problem down into smaller chunks to make it manageable.

Next, set aside enough time to focus on what we are doing, don’t put off tackling difficulties or procrastinate. Finally remember that sometimes you might still get over an obstacle yet may feel a bit bumped and bruised along the way but this is ok because there will always be another opportunity for success when faced with similar propositions again!

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