Improving Your General Health

Throughout the articles on this website you will have read about various tips and techniques to help you with various issues and difficulties and also how this all relates to your feeling of well-being and, intrinsically, your good health both physically and psychologically.

This particular article is a basic round up of all the small but significant things you can do to improve your health in general terms.

Adopt a Healthy Eating Mentality

Without a shadow of a doubt, a tendency to be overweight and to eat the wrong foods at the wrong times does not only affect our physical health but that often goes hand in hand with our psychological mood too. If both your physical and emotional sides are not working in harmony, it can have a catastrophic effect on your quality of life in general and often how you perceive the world and others within it, so it’s important that you eat the right kinds of foods. The healthy kinds of carbohydrates, fresh fish and natural, low fat proteins, such as chicken and fruit and vegetables are recommended as part of a balanced diet and you should also drink plenty of water each day.

Get more Exercise

Exercise is intrinsically linked to diet when it comes to you feeling good about yourself and feeling healthy generally and, in spite of all those who might tell you otherwise, the two go hand in hand, no disputing that, and regular exercise combined with a healthy eating plan will not only make you healthier but you’ll feel better about yourself too. You don’t have to be continually running on the treadmill or pumping iron however. A brisk 30 minute walk counts as exercise. However, the more effort and sweat you put into it, the more you’ll ultimately get out of it.

Get Enough Sleep

We all live in a 24/7 world of shopping, work, entertainment, family commitments and communication and to all of us, it often feels like there are simply not enough hours in the day to do everything we’re expected to do. Consequently, something has to give and usually it’s the amount of sleep we allow ourselves to have. However, if we don’t get enough sleep (the recommended amount being somewhere in the region of 7 to 9 hours each day), it can make us feel tired, irritable, unable to function both physically and mentally and can lead to a whole host of problems both health related and otherwise, so if you want to improve your health in general, you must prioritise sleep over all of your other commitments some of which can often be put off until another day.

Get Closer to Nature

Many people have found that getting out into some quiet rural landscape or near to the coast or a nearby river or stream and just sitting quietly in reflection and gently absorbing the sights, sounds and smells of the natural environment surrounding them can have amazing positive benefits on their general health. Try it and see. Even if you live in the city, there must be a relatively quiet park you can head out to for a bit of peace and solitude. It can be a great reliever of stress and can act as a human ‘battery recharger’.

Slow Down and Take Your Time

Who said that computers and technology would make life easier for us? Who said that we’d have more leisure time in the 21st century and more time to relax? Sometimes, it feels as though we live both our personal and professional lives at breakneck speeds in order to cram in all that we have to and the additional stuff we want to.

However, your general health can suffer as a result with more stress and more worry etc. It’s all about striking a balance and sometimes simply letting things wash over you and taking a bit of time to “stop and smell the roses” ,i.e. just sometimes simply enjoy ‘being’ as opposed to ‘doing’. Life is not a race against time and you should make some time to just ‘be you’ as opposed to constantly feeling you should always be doing something productive with your time. Simply allowing yourself to just ‘be’ occasionally is just as productive, if not more so, to your general health.

Don’t Neglect the Grey Matter

Remember that your brain needs exercising as well as your body so keep it stimulated through reading books, through things such as crosswords and other mental challenges, by pursuing or taking up a hobby or pastime and by engaging in interesting social conversation and….on that note…..

Remember Your Friends

Having a good and varied social network of positive and interesting friends to hang out with now and again is important to keep your perspective on yourself and the world around you a healthy one.

By adopting a healthy attitude to all of the above, and running all aspects of your life in moderation, you should find that your general health improves significantly as a result.

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