How to Stop Procrastinating and Being Lazy

People procrastinate or put off doing things for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s just through plain laziness which can often be the result of them not feeling that there is anything to motivate them in life. Other people however, often put off doing things because of fear.

However, by identifying the reasons behind your inertia, you can develop a strategy to end your frustration and to replace that with a motivational attitude you can adhere to.

Self-Esteem is a Common Cause

By putting off doing things, it causes your self-esteem to diminish and any remaining confidence will eventually be replaced by feelings of guilt, anxiety and stress which will all combine to paralyse you into not taking any action to get out of these destructive thought patterns.

Feeling unworthy or having a fear of rejection or failure are some of the most common reasons why people procrastinate and by taking steps to improve your self confidence, you’ll end up feeling more motivated to get things done.

Devising a Plan

Two of the most common traits which motivate us in different ways are pleasure and pain. If you can identify some goals which you’d like to accomplish, jot down a list and try to identify how accomplishing these goals will make you feel. Then also make a list of all the negative consequences were you put off achieving these goals. If you keep all of the benefits of succeeding in your goals firmly at the forefront of your mind, then it will be much easier to remain focused.

Procrastination is a Habit

Putting off doing something usually starts by putting off just one thing you know you should do. However, procrastinating can soon turn into a habit so that you end up being completely indecisive and never end up doing anything meaningful or challenging which would increase your self confidence. As with any habit, it’s important to set an action plan within an achievable time frame and work towards that in stages, rewarding yourself at the accomplishment of each stage. Realise that you and only you have taken on the responsibilities of achieving your goals and that there are both positive and negative consequences depending on whether or not you achieve them.

Stay Healthy

Laziness can often result if you’re not feeling in great shape physically. You might be eating unhealthily and/or drinking too much alcohol or not taking enough exercise. Remember that our physical and emotional well being go hand in hand and that you need to adopt a healthy physical regime and care about yourself in order to become mentally focused and motivated.

Very few of us ever get things handed to us on a plate in life and it takes effort and determination to get the kinds of things we desire out of life. Procrastination is one of the most destructive traits which can affect our lives dramatically for the worst so overcoming it is probably one of the most important steps you can take in your personal growth development and to get motivated to achieving your goals and letting go of your ‘old’ self and ways of doing things (or not doing them) is the first step to achieving this.

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