Self Management: Personal Goal Planning

Striving for success can be daunting. It takes commitment; there are hurdles to jump and the possibility of failure. So we tell ourselves to leave it: if we don’t try then we can’t fail. Or we give ourselves get-out clauses. “I’ll just try this though I’ll probably fail” is a …

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Learn to be a Good Listener

Good listeners are surprisingly rare. Hearing people and properly listening to them are two separate processes and unfortunately, the two don’t coincide particularly often. The key ingredient of good listening is the providing of support. That is not to say that the listener agrees unconditionally with everything that the speaker …

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Communicating Clearly And Confidently

The importance of good communication skills cannot be overstated. Communication is key to any relationship whether at work or in your personal life. Equipping yourself with strong communication skills is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself, and can vastly enrich social interaction. Working on improving …

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